2 steps coverThat is the tagline for the incredible musician duo of Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix of Two Steps From Hell.Image

They provide the music for movie trailers–the sprawling, huge music that makes you want to jump out of your chair and throw your money at your nearest movie theater and wait in a dark theater for the ride of your life—six months in advance.

I like to listen to music as I write, although I’m very particular. The music has to match the mood. Two Steps From Hell is always so driven that I like to use them for pivotal moments. I can’t use them for dialogue because everyone would sound as if they delivering the last speech before the extinction of the human race.

Main Character #1: We shall not shrink from this, our darkest hour! We have but one sparkling night to live as we have never lived before!

Main Character #2: So you don’t want McDonald’s for dinner? Pizza maybe?

For those crucial scenes with a lot of emotion, however, I love to get lost in the sweeping music. My daughter left one of their cd’s in the car and I discovered they make for awesome driving music, especially going through something scenic and desolate like the west. It would be fantastic for driving through the Appalachian trail, the Moon Craters National Park in Idaho or Moab, Utah. Otherwordly and absorbing.

If you have any other scenic driving suggestions for epic music–share!!


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