savior-soft_edges2In a recent comment about Certainty the reader wrote, “The book was a Christian read with some scifi thrown in. I liked the book though.” I actually didn’t write the book as a statement about Christianity. Praying just happens to be what MacKenzie does when she’s troubled. That’s her character. It’s how she sees the world.

There are really girls who pray. I wanted to acknowledge them and to write about that particular way of seeing life.

I find a certain light and confidence in knowing there is a God who knows who we are and understands our experiences. I would wish that light and confidence for everyone, but I have a deep, profound respect for free will. It is a beautiful, glorious and sometimes tragic thing. I’m not here to force you to change your way of thinking. I’m okay with you finding your own path.

If you find something beautiful about the way MacKenzie worked through her problems, then that is awesome. And if you are like MacKenzie, then know you are not alone.


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