K-Love is the book I’ve been working on with my co-author, Alyssa Auch. I’ve never worked on something that has been so much fun. When you love something there is nothing you can do to hide it, and in this case I want my mad crush for Kdramas out there for the whole world to see.

The way J.K. Rowling owns magic, the way Marvel owns superheroes, the way Twilight owned vampires and romance, South Korea owns dramas.

Dramas are not like series. Most television shows can last for a few seasons, more if they are really good. Dramas are meant to be 20 to 24 episode stories. They are a generous one hour long each. The writers and directors pack a ton of nuance and storyline into those hours. Let’s not forget romance. Fun romance, I might add. They know how to make you fall for a second lead and break your heart while cheering for the couple that you know is going to win out in the end.

There are subtitles. There is a clear difference in cinematic style. You will get the idea that everyone in Korea is ridiculously beautiful. You will also fall madly in love.

Check out these dramas for some serious, addicting fun:

Descendants of the Sun

My Love From Another Star


It’s Okay, That’s Love



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