In a world…where we are inundated with heroes in tights pummeling villains and destroying large city buildings…we are still not tired of superheroes. May that day never come.

However, perhaps there are some things we are over. An article online titled 11 Superhero Movie Clichés We’re Totally Over the writers list a bunch of things about superhero movies they don’t want to see anymore. They’re wrong about nine of them.

They are right about recasting the same actors, so YES to new faces. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

They are also right about “mistaking dark and miserable for ‘realistic'”. Being depressing doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent and worth my $12 at the movie theater. It might mean that I avoid your movie franchise in the future because I don’t like walking out of a movie feeling like the whole world is made of gray grit and wounding betrayal. Because it isn’t. Make me feel triumphant, make me want to climb mountains and do something awesome.

Which is why I’m not over the other things on the list. I love the big CGI battle scenes because they are amazing. And what do you propose to replace them with? What mind-blowing event could top off all that build up? Nobody wants to see everyone sit down for tea and talk about ways we can live without world domination.

Yes, it’s funny that so many popular actors in superhero movies are named Chris, but I like all of those actors so I’m okay with it.

There is also nothing wrong with beefy heroes. All the hard work these actors put into their roles makes their characters larger than life, and more heroic. Gal Gadot looked like Wonder Woman and I have nothing against Henry Cavill doing some pushups. Also, have you SEEN the comic books they came from?? It’s completely in the spirit of comic book heroes to have actors who are at the top of their fitness game.

I’m on the fence about “daddy-issues” because positive parent-child relationships are so rare. I think Superman and his parents were a refreshing alternative to the usual “you screwed me up for life” scenario we usually get.

Damsel in distress? Yes, please! A hero isn’t a hero unless there’s someone to save.

Complicated evil plots to blow stuff up? Certainly. I can follow along, so wind up the infinity stone plot and let’s go.

The giant sky beam, if done properly, will cause you to stop chewing your popcorn for two seconds out of sheer awe.

Fake deaths have been rare in the superhero movies. The only one I’m aware of is Superman. I sincerely hope that if anything bad happens to my favorite characters there is a fake death.

Fictional countries are actually preferable to real countries because I’d rather not blow up some hapless country because we decided no one would care. How rude! Conversely, if it’s a well-known country there’s a possibility that it has been destroyed numerous times in the movies. The White House has been blown up about nine times. My favorite might be the Independence Day alien beam.

So I’m not over the big CGI battles, the damsel in distress, the big sky beam or all the other things that keep me coming back. Bring me more!












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